Graham Lewis

Aviation Archaeologist & Author


About Me

Hello.  I'm Graham Lewis and I'm an Aviation Archaeologist.  I have a passion for aviation history and am a leading authority on aircraft crashes in Devon and Cornwall. 

I have spent nearly 30 years researching and investigating crash sites in the region and in that time I have acquired a vast collection of aircraft artefacts and photographs which are displayed at the RAF Memorial Museum at Davidstow Moor, Cornwall.  The collection at the museum has drawn praise from guide book authors and visitors. 

I have made it my mission to provide a lasting and worthwhile memorial to all the airmen from around the globe who lost their lives in crashes in the Westcountry.  I was a key person in establishing a permanent memorial at Morchard Bishop, in mid-Devon, to the crews of two Halifax bombers that crashed after colliding during a wartime night exercise.

I also helped establish a similar memorial at Manley Bridge on the Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, to the memory of the two-man crew of a Canberra jet bomber which crashed there in 1961.

I frequently give group talks and often loan artefacts to school for history lessons, always making sure that the school understands that the children should be able allowed to engage and handle the objects. I also enjoy painting and many of my pictures appear in my books.

I live in Penzance, Cornwall with my wife Lizzie.  As well as aviation, I also have a passion for healthy eating and I work with Lizzie at Whole Again Communities, a charity initiative to ensure that even those with very little can still eat good food.

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Aviation Archeology

Aviation archaeology in the South West has been sparse and many sites were totally ripped apart and not recorded in the 1960s and early 70s.  I set up a group called South West Aviation Historical Society which allowed me, with the permission from the MOD, to carry out digs and research artefacts found, to uncover the stories of the aircrew who perished in these air crashes. 

I am available for talks within communities, clubs and schools, so please get in touch, if you're interested.


As well as being available to buy online, my books are also stocked in various shops, retailers and outlets across the South West.

Aviation Remembrance

Gone but never forgotten.  This memorial section will highlight the brave folk who fought in the war.


'Wings Over Dartmoor' is clearly a comprehensive and well-researched record of military aircraft crashes over Dartmoor and the fringes of the National Park; it is a testament to your dedication that you have managed to create such an interesting piece of work, which is a fitting epitaph to those airmen who lost their lives.  I have no doubt that it will be of huge interest to those who may have lost family or friends, providing them with information they may not have been aware of previously.

Very much in the 'self-published' mode, this gem of a book records the story behind two Luftwaffe bombers that crashed on the island of Lundy, off the Devon coast in 1941.  

Although modest in size at 32 pages plus cover, this local history work covers a most interesting story and tells it extremely well.  

I really enjoyed Eagles on Lundy, as although it isn't a glossy book with high print run production values, it's very well put together and is 'grass roots' history at its very best.  Accordingly it's highly recommended. 

Commander Iain Kelsey on behalf of HRH Prince of Wales and HRH Duchess of Cornwall

Nigel Price, Britain at War Magazine