• Graham Lewis

How It All Began!

My first dig was a Spitfire, shot down by an FW190 about three miles from home. During and following the excavation, such a fantastic story emerged that my life long interest in aircraft rekindled! Both my father and grandfather worked in the aviation industry for years and I had been brought up around aircraft.

After years of aviation archaeology in Devon and Cornwall and researching over 2000 crashes involving RAF, US and German aircraft, all the artefacts recovered are on show at the RAF Davidstow Memorial Museum in North Cornwall. With some many amazing personal stories to come out of my hobby, I decided to share these stories with the public which is why I decided to write my books.

Aviation Archaeology Aviation archaeology in the South West has been sparse and many sites were totally ripped apart without being recorded in the1960s and early 1970s. So I set up a group called South West Aviation Historical Society which allowed me to dig and record information about aviation crash sites, following permission from the MOD. Much research into the history of the airmen involved in these air accidents, resulted in memorials being erected at Morchard Bishop and Manley Bridge - both of which I have written about in my books.

The RAF Davidstow Memorial Museum has a section dedicated to aviation archaeology from our group.

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